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How do I become a Dallas Bar Association Member? 
To become a member, complete the online application or call (214) 220-7414 to request an application form. Once your application and payment have been received, please allow one-to-two weeks in order for your information to be processed. You will be notified of your acceptance by mail.

What are the benefits of joining the Dallas Bar Association? 
For details on the benefits available to DBA Members, view our Benefits Page.

What is the DBA membership year? 
Typically the membership year is from January through December. The DBA offers a number of dues specials throughout the year. Call 214-220-7414 for more information.

How much are the DBA membership dues? 
There are several different dues amounts. Please check the online application to see which level you qualify for.

I am already a DBA member. When are my DBA dues actually DUE? 
DBA dues are due by December 31st every year.

I let my DBA membership lapse. Can I be reinstated, and how? 
Yes, you can be reinstated, as long as you are still in good standing with the state bar in which you are licensed. To be reinstated, please complete the online application and submit with your DBA dues payment.

But what if I am not licensed in Texas? 
You do not have to be licensed in Texas to become a DBA member. You do need to be licensed and in good standing in at least one of the 50 states to apply for DBA membership.

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