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Over 30 years ago, the Dallas Bar Association established the Lawyer Referral Service to assist those in the community seeking legal representation. This year, LRS interviewers will answer over 40,000 phone calls from those in the community looking for legal help. About 16,000 of those callers will be referred to attorneys serving on the LRS panel.

WHO CAN JOIN THE LRS? LRS Panel membership is open to all attorneys in good standing with the State Bar of Texas and who maintain professional liability insurance. Dallas Bar Association members can join the panel for an annual fee of $100. Membership is available to non-DBA members at a higher rate. In an effort to make panel membership available to more attorneys, the LRS Committee invited the Texas Lawyer Insurance Exchange to develop a professional liability insurance package specifically for LRS panel members. To request more information on TLIE's insurance, visit their website at, email them at, or phone them at 1-800-252-9332.

HOW DOES THE LRS WORK? Potential clients call the LRS and are interviewed over the phone by an LRS interviewer. The interviewer determines whether the client has an actual legal problem and then makes an attorney referral to the client on a rotating basis. The attorney agrees to provide a half-hour consultation with the client and collect a $20 administrative fee on behalf of the LRS. If you choose to take the case, then you make your own arrangements with the client.

HOW MANY REFERRALS WILL I GET THROUGH THE LRS? Do you speak Spanish? Do you practice family law? In which area of the city do you office? The number of referrals a panel member receives varies widely depending on any number of factors. We hope you will get a lot!

HOW CAN I JOIN THE LRS? To get more information about the LRS, please contact Alicia Hernandez at (214) 220-7401 at the Dallas Bar Association. She would be glad to answer any questions you may have and will email or send you the LRS application and rules. 

Click for Lawyer Referral Application

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