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Speaker Committee

Speaker Requests

If you are a community, civic group, organization or school and would like to request a speaker for presentations on law-related topics, please contact Mary Ellen Johnson. Some of the topics available are listed below.

Announcement to DBA Members:

The Committee is actively seeking to grow its membership and number of attorneys available for speeches. If you are interested in joining this committee and volunteering for speeches in the coming year, please contact Mary Ellen Johnson. You will be added to the speaker pool, and you will receive e-mail notification of upcoming speaking opportunities. These are some of the topics for which the Speakers Committee is currently arranging speakers:

1. Reality Behind the Lawyer Jokes.
2. Estate Planning, Wills and Trusts.
3. Settling Your Disputes Quickly and Cheaply. Overview of Alternative Dispute Resolution.
4. Buying–Selling–Financing–a House—Who Does the Work: Real Estate Agent? Title Companies? Mortgage Company? Or a Lawyer? (All of the Above)?
5. Lawfully Hiring, Firing and Evaluating Employees.
6. Employees, E-mail and the Internet.
7. Family Violence — What Can Be Done About It.
8. Women in the Legal Profession.
9. Selecting a Financial Advisor.
10. How to Prevent Identity Theft and How to React if Your Identity has been Stolen.
11. So You Want to Start Your Own Business — Suggestions on How to Pick the Right Type of Business Entity and Professional Support.
12. How to Hire (And Fire) a Lawyer — Tips on Selecting and Dealing with a Lawyer and Fees.
13. Sword and Shield: The Bankruptcy Process, Rights of Debtors and Creditors.
14. It’s Your Idea — Protect It! General Overview of Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights.
15. Understanding Medical Malpractice Issues
16. The Law and History of Elections
17. Should We Elect or Select Our Judges
18. The Jury System
19. How to Avoid a Lawsuit
20. A History of Dallas
21. MDP - Should Accountants and Others Practice Law
22. What to Do If You Have a Traffic Accident
23. The Gun Laws - Does Anyone Understand Them
24. The Pitfalls of Insurance Coverage
25. What Happens to You If You Get Arrested

If you are interested in speaking on one of the above topics, please contact Mary Ellen Johnson and provide your name, contact information, and topic choice.

This committee meets on the third Tuesday four times a year at Belo. The following is a list of 2014 meeting dates:

February 18
May 20
August 19
November 18

Committee Contacts:

Chair Suzanne Westerheim -
Vice-Chair Mackenzie Dewerff -
Board Advisor Elisabeth A. Wilson -
Staff Liaison Mary Ellen Johnson- Mary Ellen Johnson

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