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Economic Damages Experts-GMCO Litigation Damages Firm

Economic Damages Experts-GMCO Litigation Damages Firm. Economic Damages Valuation Experts. GMCO a CPA firm with significant testifying experience. George Mendez CPA CVA has more than twenty years’ experience providing economic damages, lost profits, damage calculation testimony in court, deposition and arbitration. The firm provides services regarding commercial damages, lost profits, intellectual properties, employment, personal injury/lost earnings wrongful death, and insurance litigation. George Mendez has experience in most industries including energy/oil & gas, manufacturing, transportation, hospitality, service, distribution, and construction. GMCO serves attorneys in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston, Austin/San Antonio.

Contact George Mendez CPA CVA .Dallas/Ft Worth 469-248-4477 or Houston 713-892‑5037

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