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Attorney - Chief of the Specialized Crime Division (SCD)

Attorney VI: (002877)

This specific position would be the chief of the Specialized Crime Division ("SCD).  SCD prosecutes complex and sophisticated financial crimes often involving large dollar amounts and voluminous documentation, elder abuse, environmental crimes, healthcare fraud, computer crimes, insurance fraud, trademark copyright infringement, theft by check, hot check and Class C misdemeanor offenses.  Previous experience and strong working knowledge of prosecuting offenses in Texas Penal Code Chapter 31 and Chapter 32 is preferred. A portion of SCD is a vertical prosecution unit so this position, in addition to other duties outlined, is responsible for the initial intake, review, acceptance/declination and prosecutor assignment of approximately 1,000 felony complaints annually.  Candidates should have prior experience drafting and presenting bills of indictment before a grand jury. This position requires strong communication, organizational and multi-tasking skills and candidates should be able to handle multiple and diverse issues at the same time. Click here to view the official posting:


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